About us

Graffiti was founded by Graffiti artist in 2012 and aim to show the stories behind Israel's most artistic and most beautiful graffiti and street art. We offer alternative tours at Tel Aviv, Jerusalem & Haifa. The activities are Led by young and local artists who live the street art on a daily basis.

Our uniqueness is that we offer different, exciting tours that show the contemporary scene in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. The tours are conducted in Hebrew, English, French and Russian.

The tours are suitable for diverse audiences such as adults, youth and even children, Israelis or tourists - the tour touches on content suitable for every audience - each succeeds in helping us find the connection to street art.

We also offer experiential workshops, courses for painting and graffiti and educational projects with youth in schools, youth centers and youth movements. Through understanding the world of graffiti we educate art, influence and art and vandalism.