About us

Grafitiyul was founded in 2012 by two siblings – Jonatan kis-lev and Elinoy kisslove, both of them are street artists.

It all started as a social protest and our wish to reach as many people as we could, combining Art with personal views. Understanding that powerful tool and its contribution, led us to pursue our passion and look for ways of introducing more aspects of that form of expression to people. We felt the best way of doing that was through fun and experiential activity open for everyone.

We offer guided tours and extra activities as workshops and professional courses. All of which conducted or accompanied by actual artists that live and breathe the ongoing dynamics of Street Art and Graffiti. We are also involved in Educational Projects formed to fit youths at school facilities, youth centers and youth movements.

Our vision is to enable people to become familiar with the sources of Graffiti and Street Art, how it grew and developed over the years and more important, what makes it pure art and not vandalism. We have persistent desire to discover the most inquisitive pieces of work, made by the most talented leading street artists, and to present their work and motivation for making it. We wish to discuss the personal statements and meaningful messages that stands behind their art and share personal stories.  

With our special guidance and perspective, everyone can find a connection to that World of Art.

Since we are so passionate about the mixture between Art, integrating with people and the atmosphere in the streets, we have an amazing Studio located in the center of the Graffiti Scene in Tel Aviv. The studio is a welcoming space for local artists to practice art and get inspiration. We give you an access to that studio and you can come and visit us, and even create your own original piece of art while participating in one of our workshops.

If you are curious and would like to explore and be exposed to that fascinating world, you will find our tours and other activities very attractive and appealing.

We offer extraordinary Graffiti and Street Art tours in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa. We organize morning and night tours, each showing different side of creativity in the streets.

We specialize in “tailor made” tours for closed groups, adapted to meet the groups’ characteristics and needs. The tours are suitable for private groups of any kind – family members, friends, colleagues from work or anyone who wishes to join together as a group for a shared experience. In addition, private tours can give different and exiting flavor for special occasions as birthdays and organization welfare activities. After understanding the nature of the group and the events’ theme, we personalize the tour even more specifically to fit your needs. We can emphasize visiting streets that reveal Art Pieces that involve topics which the group finds more relevant (like self-image, political issues, women empowerment etc.).