Basic Graffiti Course

A basic graffiti course consists of three experiential sessions, each session 3 hours. At the end of the course, everyone finishes with a unique personal product.

Dates: 26 / 09-28 / 09 3 hours each session

First lesson
In the first lesson, we will hear about graffiti in Israel, and we will receive inspiration and ideas from graffiti works throughout Israel, after which we will try to draw stencils and understand what is a multi-layered template. We will learn how to design a three-layered template and each will prepare its own original template.

Second lesson
Typography Drawing - Control and Use Preparing an original personal sketch In the second lesson we will learn typography - arrangement and text formatting, font selection, letter size, character design and characterization of graffiti letters. We will discover the correct tools for building a composition, how to use light and shade and colors, and make a personal sketch. We will then learn different techniques in using sprays, how to control and create sharp lines and how to create transitions.

Third lesson
Personal work on the wall Everyone will draw his sketch on a wall or banner accompanied by a professional team.

* These are the topics that are planned for the course, and progress in the course depends on the progress of the entire group

 Now at an introductory price: NIS 1,897 instead of NIS 2,300

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