Can you give me information on the tours?

The tours are held in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem and the average tour length is approximately two hours. During the tour, we learn what it is all graffiti, how it started, who are artists, why they do it, what is behind their works, what the legal status of it, what techniques to use, most artists who are considered to be on the street? And we get to know the artists and hear stories about "inside".

How much does a tour open to the public?

Participation cost is NIS 100 per participant. We are careful to invest tours and adapt them to the range, specifying the tours and the experience and make the tour an unforgettable experience. Most of our guides have high training capabilities and some graffiti artists are very familiar.

It is suitable for the whole family?

Absolutely yes :).

Beauty tours are suitable for all ages that they can relate to. It is amazing to see the reactions of small children who are excited to recognize the artists, and adults actually employs them understand why artists working in the street, and what meanings behind some of the works. Even the workbook does not stop by, still causing the audience to stop, ask, be interested. Highly recommended for all ages!

Is there access for strollers?

Yes. The tour takes place Florentine streets just a mile away.

Is there a discount for children on tours open?

A child under the age of 10 receive a discounted price, usually half the normal price.

Do you do private tours?


Most of our tours are private tours. Towards the tour guide does match expectations with the group and thus adapts to the nature of the group and participants. The guide gives focus and personal attention to the group, get to know them and to coordinate expectations with training before ordering. Private tours are flexible hours and days at the request of the group.

Is there a group discount?

Depends on the amount of participants. Over six people can get a discount on a tour or reserve open a private tour.

Additional information can  contact the office info@grafitiyul.co.il.